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Tom Devane is a consultant, author, and co-author of provocative bestselling books on achieving extraordinary results using methods that systematically engage people in organizations and communities.
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    The Change Handbook

    Over 60 methods that engage groups quickly and produce extraordinary results.




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    Integrating Lean Six Sigma and High Performance Organizations

    A leader's guide to blending technical and people aspects of performance improvement.


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    White paper on Positive Deviance




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    Products provde a fast, efficient, cost-effective way to achieve extraordinary results and transfer knowledge to clients.  Products can be custom-designed to meet specific client needs.  Below is a list of our primary products.

    Fast-Track        Change Plan Assessment

    So you’ve got a big change coming up.  Maybe it’s a new IT system.  Or a new strategy that will require significant behavior changes.  Or the launching of a company-wide Lean Six Sigma initiative.  Your company implementation team has put together what you feel is a solid a plan.  But you want to make sure it covers ALL the bases because this upcoming change is just too important to falter.  Tom Devane can help.  With a unique breadth and depth of diverse experiences Tom can provide a rapid diagnosis and develop recommendations that your team can then implement later.  Loaded with practical experience and a set of proprietary diagnostic tools, Tom can conduct this assessment and provide you with practices and tools you can use after just a two-day visit.

    Leadership Kaizen Event

    This product consists of survey and interview pre-work, followed up by intense three-day on-site sessions with top and selected middle leaders.  The key outputs are 1) a shared understanding of leadership issues getting in the way of optimal performance, and 2) specific action plans for improving leadership effectiveness and efficiency.  Because of its compressed design, extensive pre-event data collection, and use of group methods to compress the time required, this product is often referred to as “three weeks of consulting in three days.”  And it costs only a fraction of three weeks of consulting time.

    Rapid Process Improvement Workshop & Apprenticeship

    Based on GE’s highly successful WorkOut process and selected other quality improvement tools, this event – which engages many client people to contribute diverse perspectives, and generates buy-in – takes from 4 hours to two days.  The results are dramatic increases in cycle time, quality, or cost, AND a trained group of people in the rapid improvement methodology.

    Executive Coaching10-pack

    Starting with your company’s own internal performance assessment, the validated DiSC assessment tool, and interviews with company employees, Tom Devane works with executives or soon-to-be executives to identify strengths to build upon, and opportunity areas.  The philosophy is that the person being coached will know most of the answers to what needs to be done, and the coach draws out this knowledge through skillful questioning.  Results are measurable because peers, bosses, and direct reports are involved in pre-and post-assessment activities.  The packet consists of 10 sessions, with one to two weeks between the sessions.  Each session last from 45 to 90 minutes.  The “coachee” will have out-of-session work to do between each session.

    Strategic Planning Using Group Methods and Alternative Scenarios – Event & Apprenticeship

    This product provides the advantages of an expert-facilitated strategic planning session with an intense series of apprenticeship sessions so that your organization can bring these valuable skills inside.  Group methods (pre-set agendas with accompanying facilitation principles) draw upon the collective knowledge of the 25-70 planning session participants and translate that knowledge into prioritized, executable action plans that people are energized to implement.  This approach also utilizes the practices of “scenario planning” as the planning group considers different possible ways the future might unfold, and then develops a desirable portfolio of strategies and action plans that will best move the organization toward its long-term goals.


    No one can accurately predict the future for their industry, or global impacts on their industry.

    We can help.