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Tom Devane is a consultant, author, and co-author of provocative bestselling books on achieving extraordinary results using methods that systematically engage people in organizations and communities.
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    The Change Handbook

    Over 60 methods that engage groups quickly and produce extraordinary results.




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    Integrating Lean Six Sigma and High Performance Organizations

    A leader's guide to blending technical and people aspects of performance improvement.


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    White paper on Positive Deviance




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    Clients and Talk about Tom


    Tom consults with a broad range of clients in different industries.  His clients frequently remark on the high value of his bringing in thoughts, best practices, and innovative ideas from different industries.  

    Representative Clients 


    Johnson & Johnson


    Morgan Stanley

    Time Warner


    Blue Cross Blue Shield IL

    Rose Medical Center 

    Bell Labs

    Roche Diagnostics 

    General Electric


    Porter Memorial Hospital 

    State of Colorado


    U.S. Forest Service

    Coors Brewing 


    U.S. Federal Judicial Court System


    Government of South Africa


    What clients are saying about working with Tom... 

    “Tom Devane worked with my group as a business consultant and leadership coach at a pharmaceutical company that I previously worked for. Tom helped us develop leaders at all levels of the organization and implement some significant organizational changes. He helped with both soft skills (such as conflict management, influence, and feedback) as well as hard skills (such as Lean, Six Sigma, and dashboard metrics development). Throughout the project Tom remained very focused on helping us achieve and exceed our project goals. He brings a high level of professionalism to all his work, and is an excellent teacher and coach.” 

    --  Jill Porter, formerly Vice President, Altus Pharmaceuticals; currently Executive Director, Alexion Pharmaceuticals 

    “Tom helped our Global Product Lifecycle group at Roche in two ways. First, he helped us plan a pivotal strategic planning session in which our group charted a course to meet the escalating customer and regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry. He then did an excellent job of facilitating the off-site session. His combined knowledge of strategic planning, the pharmaceutical industry, and group dynamics was instrumental in helping our group develop aggressive, strategic stretch goals in a compressed timeframe. To ensure effective and efficient execution of the strategic goals, during the last segment of our strategy session Tom had people form into implementation teams that would continue to execute the strategy after the session. The strategy session was very well-received by members of our group, and the implementation teams successfully executed their respective goals during the year. The second area that Tom helped us in was building capability for an internal mentoring/coaching program for the overall development of the professionals in our group. The program was designed in alignment with our group’s strategic objectives and the unique requirements of professionals entering our group to get “up to speed” as quickly as possible on the many critical aspects of managing a drug from inception through decline.”

    -- JoAnne DiAgostino, Senior Manager, Roche Pharmaceuticals

    "Tom Devane amazes me with his grasp of both the "technical fix" to a problem as well as the "human fix" to major organizational issues. So often a consultant comes in and helps with a technical fix to a problem or organizational issue. S/he then leaves as the leaders install the solution, only to receive about 50 percent or less of the expected results. Tom understands what the missing piece is to ensure that the solution brings about 100 percent of the expected results . . . the human piece, or "how to lead change 101." Working with Tom is a delight. He brings not only his vast knowledge and expertise in leading businesses and people, but also a great sense of humor, boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm.”


    --  Lily Ruppe, formerly Global Leader for Oganizational and Leadership Development, Johns Manville Corporation; currently Executive Director of Organizational Development at CSG Systems

     “I have known and worked with Tom for many years. I hired Tom to help in the design and implementation of one of the largest organizational changes that Health Care Service Corporation (Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, TX, NM, OK) ever implemented. His outstanding knowledge of human behavior, organizational change and his expertise in project management were instrumental in building a solid foundation for a new technology and its subsequent acceptance at numerous implementation sites. Tom's roles in both consulting and coaching and his contributions on the project had a very positive impact on its success.” 

    --  Dennis Mayhew, Organization Development Lead Consultant, HCSC (Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, TX, NM, OK)

    "One major difference between Tom and other process improvement consultants is that his work is both practical and lasting. Most consultants in this field—especially OD/Change Management Specialists—spend a lot of time generating theoretical, academic type deliverables, but nothing practical gets done. When Tom is involved, specific actionable deliverables come out of the process. When he leaves, things continue to improve, and my internal people continue to develop. One of the many things I learned from Tom is how to work with the Executive Team to discover areas of disagreement and common ground, establish shared expectations, and then how to move forward with the highest leverage leadership strategies possible."”

    --  Randy Weldon, Chief Information Officer, Geneva Pharmaceuticals, a Novartis company 

     "Tom guided our thinking about large group change processes in our program at Cornell University ILR. He has a remarkable grasp of the range of various methods, as well as the theory underlying them—and he has practical experience applying them in real organizations achieving real organizational improvements."

     --  Jane Savage, formerly Associate Director, Programs for Economic Transitions, Cornell University—School of Industrial & Labor Relations; currently Director, Union-Management Partnership, Best Practices, Yale University

    "Pragmatic, insightful, and high energy. That’s how I would describe Tom Devane and the teams he assembles to improve organizational performance. They are always geared toward rapid knowledge transfer and have a minimalist attitude toward on-site consulting presence at a client. By teaching clients to fish—rather than fishing for them—they ensure that the gains are sustainable and ongoing after they leave. And all the while they have a knack for making the project fun, too. We have found their combination of seminars, workshops, and coaching to be far superior to other performance improvement firms’ approaches that park dozens of consultants on-site for two- to three-year periods."

    --  Larry Kinney, Manufacturing Director, AT&T