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Tom Devane is a consultant, author, and co-author of provocative bestselling books on achieving extraordinary results using methods that systematically engage people in organizations and communities.
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    The Change Handbook

    Over 60 methods that engage groups quickly and produce extraordinary results.




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    Integrating Lean Six Sigma and High Performance Organizations

    A leader's guide to blending technical and people aspects of performance improvement.


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    White paper on Positive Deviance




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    Faster.  Better.  Cheaper...


    And More Innovation.


    You CAN have it all.

    With the right combination of technical tools, insights into human behavior, and leadership practices, it's possible to simultaneaously address that elusive performance trifecta of increased speed, high quality, lower costs, AND position your organization for the future through increased innovation.  The blog on this website and other referenced resources can get you started on your journey.

    Tom Devane is a consultant, author, speaker, and workshop leader who helps organizations and individuals reach extraordinary levels of performance.   His diverse client base includes Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley,  Blue Cross Blue Shield of IL, TX, OK, and NM (HCSC), General Electric, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, the U S Forest Service, and the government of South Africa.

    He is a co-author and co-technical editor of The Change Handbook (Berrett-Koehler 1999, 2004), which is considered to be the seminal guide for identifying “templates” that help plan and run highly effective group work sessions.  While The Change Handbook focuses on designing and facilitating highly productive human interactions, his book Integrating Lean Six Sigma and High-Performance Organizations (Wiley & Sons, 2003) provides insights and pragmatic tips on how to achieve dramatics performance gains by combining contemporary technical improvement methods with best practices in the human side of change.

    We’re a bit unique, and often non-traditional.  Our approach provides a blend of “hard” aspects and “soft” aspects of performance (see below) into a single dramatic, sustainable solution tailored to specific client needs.



    “Hard aspects addressed

    “Soft” aspects addressed

    - Strategy

    - Process improvement

    - Organization restructuring

    - Innovation

    - Metrics development

    - Employee engagement

    - Building high-performance teams

    - Leadership development

    - Change management

    - Executive coaching



    Tom Devane's consulting roots at Accenture provided solid input for the technical elements of our consulting practice.  Tom's experience in industry and with organizational development added the often overlooked elements of employee motivation and how to create organizational energy to move toward strategic goals. 

    Our company firmly believes that the best way for an organization to achieve extraordinary results is to intelligently engage employees in connecting the organization’s strategy to its day-to-day operations.  While we do come in with some expert technical input, our processes are designed to create conditions that tap into the collective capabilities of the people in a group setting.  We've found that in well-structured and well-run groups people come up with extraordinary solutions -- which they own, because they were a part of developing them -- that are robust, and highly sustainable. 



      Tip of the week

      When teams are having difficulty, check to see if

      1.  They are clear upon an agreed upon goal
      2.  The right skill sets reside within the team, or can be called upon
      3.  The team spends time talking about how they’re working together (not just tech talk)

      Addressing these three key issues can resolve numerous problems that often occur in teams.